Leaving The To-Do List Behind: Rest

Do you ever get days when you just can’t be arsed? No matter how much you love your job?

I’ve recently become addicted to the Google Tasks app on my phone. I love adding jobs to it - the smaller the job the better as then they’re more likely to be ticked off. I add a date to every task, and each morning my phone pings a list of that day’s jobs and I leave the house full of purpose. And then, at the end of the day, I take a few minutes to change those dates again when I haven’t got any of them done. It’s a soothing pattern.

Today, I woke up late. I’d forgotten to set my alarm - sub-consciously on purpose no doubt, as there was nothing in particular to get to the field for. The minute I touched my phone, my day’s tasks popped up - but today that little boing seemed somewhat personal, judgmental even, so I told it to bugger off, rolled over and had a snooze.

By the time, I’d woken again, taken some porridge and coffee back to bed, played along with Pop Master (only 12 points on my best round and nothing for the 3 in 10 - if that doesn’t make you want to go back to bed, I don’t know what does) it was getting on for 11 and it didn’t really seem worth going to work.

So - and don’t judge me here - I didn’t. I did do some website work on my laptop, so it wasn’t a total day off, and I did watch a badly-pirated YouTube version of the Scott & Bailey episode I fell asleep during the other night, but other than that I just lazed about really.

If you asked me -- or the people I bang on about it endlessly to -- you’d get a barely controlled rant about how hard I work. In the summer I do - long days, practically every day. But in the winter, I tone it down a lot. It’s still rare for me to go a whole day without doing any work at all but, if I’m honest, my winter work days are rarely longer than six hours.

I used to feel bad about it - slightly panicky that everything would slip away from me. But sitting here now, suddenly energised at 6pm, I realise that sometimes I just need to rest. Tomorrow, I know for sure that I’ll get much more done as a result. Who knows, I may even tick a few dots off that task list...